CrossFit 5410 Group Classes

CrossFit 5410 group classes have a GPP (General Physical Preparedness) focus. Group classes will improve overall cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, and balance in everyday life. Work to become fit in a fun group environment!

CrossFit Masters

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (9:00am)(3:30pm)

Our Masters program is tailored to the older individual who is interested in maintaining strength, flexibility, balance and overall wellness. Be sure you can still chase your kids and grandkids into your most advanced years.



Recovery Class

Wednesdays 7AM and 630PM (on non fundamental weeks)

:45 Min Duration (Open to ALL Members)

Recovery class will be focused solely on improving mobility, flexibility and over all joint and muscle health. RC will begin with a light warm up to encourage blood flow throughout the body. Following the warm up the class will work through a series of stretches, self-muscle massage, and joint mobilization. The classes will often focus on parts of the body impacted through the week’s CrossFit workouts. Come and enjoy opening stiff joints and sore muscles.

Open Gym

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (11 - 3pm)

(Open to ALL Members)


Miss a group class this week? Want the ability to fit in ALL the fitness you would like? Open Gym is the opportunity to meet these needs. CF 5410 Open Gym will be a large block of time during the middle of the day for you to come and workout. The WOD for the day will be on the white board for you along with the warm up and stretches. Open gym is for you to get the WOD in for that day or to do other work as desired. A coach will be present during Open Gym hours to supervise and can provide form or movement help. Open Gym IS NOT a coached class.